An Empty Gift

Countless Christmas parties to attend, holiday shopping, and (of course) traffic. Just a few of the things that have become synonymous with the Christmas season. Now, Christmas day has arrived and no matter how busy or expensive this day brings, we know this will arrive. In fact, as early as September, we started counting the days. We are certain that Christmas day will come. We do not hope it will come, we are sure about it.

Just how pleasant it is to know that Christmas gives us that expectant heart and we willingly prepare for it. We wrapped our gifts and list the meal we’ll prepare for the family. Today at Christmas, we feast. Give warm hugs and call distant relatives. Wear our sweaters to keep warm during the midnight mass with the family. Gifts under the Christmas tree are opened. But one gift remains unopened and it is not under the Christmas tree. Cliche as it may sound, you are the gift.

In the true essence of exchange gift, God, who gave child Jesus as His most precious gift to us is expecting us to also give the best gift we can ever give Him – ourselves. Our materials gifts are full, some heavy, some huge. God wants the opposite of those gifts.

Red gift box with white ribbon isolated

He wants an empty gift. Offer yourself as an empty gift. Empty as a shallow vase with nothing flowery or anything extravagant. A self that is empty because you gave your entire self to those who need you. He doesn’t want a self that boasts of titles and recognition but of a self that is not proud. Someone that is hungry of God’s mercy. Someone so selfless.

This Christmas give God the most humbling gift – your empty self. In return He will fill you… so you can be empty again.


Why You Should Not Listen To Me

I am writing this while I am hungry because I am too lazy to get up in bed to grab something to eat. That can be a reason for you not to read this entry and not listen to what I’ll say here, but that is not part of the list.

5 reasons why you should not listen to me:

1. There are more than 10 entries in my blog I have yet to publish. I am keeping them because they might be used to my disadvantage.

2. I can be too chatty. I can say things I dont mean when all I want is to be heard.

3. Love shortcuts. If there’s a way to finish things fast, I’ll take that.

4. I have two half empty journals. I have two of them at the same time and each has entries dating back 2 years ago. Both still not full.

5. I don’t watch Marvel or DC. Even HP. You’re probably weirded out right now.

The point of this entry?

Don’t listen to me. Mind what yourself is telling you. Get advice from people but don’t own them. Trust your own judgement.

And if you are still reading this, that’s an irony. 🙂

Hello Reality

I hate to call the day after a good vacation “back to reality”. That will belie the reality that is of the previous days and weeks and months before that. I don’t want to regard my weekend getaways, Christmas holidays and road trips as inexistent. They are real. Those are also reality. Your days are all reality.  It exists for some valid reasons.

Your reality is not only your so called monotonous activities. Your reality is the life you are living and the life that you’ll be living on the days ahead.

This is your reality. No need to be back on anything. You are facing your reality everyday whatever and wherever you might be right now.

Life Lately Volume 1

Heyah. Things just keep consuming my time lately so as much as I want to fill this space with words, I just lose on everything that’s going on.

To make it up to my almost abandoned blog, I’ll be writing about what I’m up to these days. Ergo, Life Lately Volume 1:

1. Major things that are keeping me occupied today are Work and School. Working during the day and schooling at night. Good thing there’s a night class program in one of the Universities near the office.

2. I am thinking of resigning (again). I don’t feel (and I don’t want to feel) that working at the office will be a lifelong career for me. I am dreaming of working freelance while travelling.

3. I feel uncertain about my choice of college course. Lord, guide me please.

4. Got a new laptop. But I am still writing this piece on my phone. Lol.

Until my next Life Lately update. 🙂

Twelve days a week

“Oh behold the days of sleepless nights”, heard they say
“You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into, you’ll dream of break”
Tell me what you think you know I’ll take this regardless
And so it begin,
I put my feet in the gate and stepped in

Oh you’re right,
Two weeks after and I’m dead tired
I make myself money slave from eight to five
Then eating education during dinner time

They say impressive.
That fighting spirit, that persistense.
Hold your horses
The fight is just starting

If you see seven days a week
I see twelve days a week
Change that one letter it’s making me weak

But no.
What I’m working for now I will sow
The sweat will water the land
It will make that seed grow